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Dear Guests,

Due to a landslide, the road connecting Lecco to Varenna is temporarily closed to traffic. Unfortunately, the railway line between Lecco and Varenna is also temporarily interrupted.

Here are the possible alternatives to reach our apartments:


  • If you are coming from the Spluga Pass or the Julier Pass, you won’t encounter any problems.
  • If you are coming from Lugano, go to Menaggio and then take the ferry to Varenna.
  • If you are coming from Milan, go all the way to Lecco and then take the SS36 highway to Bellano. Once you reach Bellano, set the address of the apartment in your GPS.


Follow the directions I provided in the guide, but the train from Milan Central to Varenna will stop at Lecco station.

At this point, you have 2 options:

  1. From Lecco station, there are replacement buses that will take you to Varenna station. Once you arrive at Varenna station, follow the check-in instructions that I sent you in the previous message.
  2. From Lecco station, take a bus to Bellagio (The bus stop is located in the station square. For tickets, please inquire at the station). Once in Bellagio, take a ferry to Varenna. Reach Varenna train station and then follow the check-in instructions that I sent you in the previous message.

Here are the updated train and bus timetables:

Link to updated train + bus timetables from Milan Central Station

Link to bus timetable from Lecco to Bellagio (Ferries to Varenna depart from Bellagio every 30 minutes until 11 pm)